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I am an Interiors designer in Mumbai and in my today’s article I would like to focus on few key areas while doing the interiors of home. Mumbai has a very busy life and no one bothered to investigate why to supermarkets invest millions of rupees in their interiors and on how to arrange their shelves. It’s not just in Mumbai mall you experience this scenario it’s across the globe. They always want their hard-to-sell products to be on the top of the shelf and the ones which people know can be placed at bottom because you will surely bend down to get your relevant things. This was the scenario of interiors in mall in Mumbai and all over.
If we take the same concept while doing the interior designing of home especially in such metro city like Mumbai you should take into account the eye level and touch points- lights, switches and door handles – these are critical for designing a perfectly designed home.
In Mumbai now its trend to use dolly toggle switches these are suggested by the interior designers whom you hire. It has a much nicer look than that of generic white plastic ones. If you have the wall color as white than these white ones will disappear in the wall, so I prefer toggle ones.
Advantages of these switches are your kids would love to use them and so they will tend to switch off when they leave the room in turn saving electricity of home.
In the same vein I have used leather handles on my kitchen cupboards. They are really soft to touch and avoid those steel and conceal handles. If you are a color lover and if you like colors that don’t go with the interiors of your home then you can paint the kitchen cabinets from inside with those colors like metallic gold, neon pink, or a beautiful, calming and restful olive green.
It’s a small thing but it will make a big difference to your experience of using your home. So while designing the interiors of home be sure you have hired proper designer in Mumbai.

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2 thoughts on “Interior design ideas in mumbai flats

  1. I have booked 2 bhk flat in Kharadi, Pune. I will definitely use dolly toggle switches in my home. Currently building is under construction. I am very excited for interior.

  2. The ideas which you have described above, they are really attractive and easy to implement. I had used them for my interior.

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